Five Surprising Free Apps You Need When Travelling Europe

Let’s be honest, travelling is not always picture perfect Instagram moments and being swept away in the local culture, food and wine.

Sometimes it is downright difficult with missed transport connections, foreign language communication problems and disastrous accommodation.

(Avoid accommodation problems with our ultimate Airbnb guide here)

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Luckily, technology is so incredibly powerful these days that by having a few of these free apps on your smartphone you can make your time abroad much more enjoyable.

This page is not going to cover the essentials such as Google Maps, Spotify, Skyscanner and Airbnb (or their competitors).

Instead, read on for a list of free apps for Android and iOS that you may not have thought of…

5: Whatsapp is not overly popular here in Australia but it is a big deal in Europe. Everyone here uses it and it will make life much easier when you are trying to check in to your Airbnb and need to make contact with a host.

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4. DuoLingo or Babble are two easy to use apps that aim to teach you a new language through a game and puzzle based interface. Now there really is not excuse not to order you meal in Italian!

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3. Google Translate makes decoding foreign menus and signs a thing of the past. In camera mode all you need to do is hold your phone up to the text you want translated and watch in real time as it translates back to english. It’s also very useful to download the offline languages for each country you go to so you can easily type a phrase in English and hear and see it back in your chosen language – a very useful feature for talking to locals.

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2. Solitaire or a different card or puzzle game that you can play offline is an absolute must have. You might be thinking to yourself that you wont have time to be using your phone with all the sight seeing you want to do but trust me, sometimes you just need 5 minutes of downtime to yourself and nothing helps the time go faster during a layover or transit stop than a simple gam

1. The most important app that you may have overlooked is Mindfulness and meditation. Even is you are not a daily user of mindfulness strategies they will come in handy during your trip. A useful one for us Australians is Smiling Minds and Headspace is also very good. Both apps will help make a positive start to the day and for those times when everything is a bit overwhelming they will help you appreciate how wonderful travelling really is.

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Thanks for reading and please let me know if any of these free apps come in handy during your travels!

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