How To Make Money Traveling In 2019 With Just Your Laptop

Note: This page contains affiliate links to products I use and if you purchase from these services I receive a commission.

It’s 2019 and now is the time to embrace the work from home lifestyle. But why stop there? Imagine being able to travel and live anywhere in the world and make an income at the same time.

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Below is a list of top services and ideas that you can actually make a realistic amount of money from. The best thing is all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection and you can literally be anywhere in the world.

Stock Photography is a great way to earn extra income, although the pay does depend on how many people purchase your photos. All you need is a DSLR or even your iPhone and a knack for taking quality photos. Imagine being able to pay for your pizza in Rome by taking a photo of it 🙂 Try downloading EyeEm which is a marketplace that also scans your existing photo library for potential hits, or Google “stock photos” for a list of the major players. If you need a camera you can’t go past this tried and tested Nikon D3500 from Amazon.

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Selling Digital Prints is a great way to fund life on the road. If you are a handy graphic designer then you have a great side hobby that you can do from anywhere. Sign up to Etsy and look at the huge amount of works in the digital prints category to get an idea of what you can charge for your work. The best thing is if you have a popular product you’ll be making money in your sleep.

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Teaching English is a legit way to make some good money and you can be anywhere in the world doing it. You will need to be a teacher or have an ESL certification but once that is done you can sign up and be making $20 USD an hour teaching kids English. It’s fun and hardly strenuous teaching, you just need to have a quick look over the content you’re going to cover before you teach it, something that every teacher should do anyway 🙂 Try VIPKid, Dada ABC, iTutor Group and GoGo Kids to see what options suit you best.

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There are a huge amount of work from home opportunities for those that are interested in improving search engine results and machine learning. Companies such as Appen rely on people who want to work a few hours from home every week to help improve these services. There are lots of different work choices depending on your needs with pay to match. Some simple search reviews pay a couple of dollars per task while others can pay up to $40 USD an hour. Typical tasks include transcription and query responses for map, audio and social media search engines. You will also feel proud knowing you are making the Internet a more useable place for everyone.

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Blogging and Marketing

Once you have an established blog, Amazon Associates is a great way to monetise all your hard work. You can sign up for the program here and direct your readers to products you enjoy using while making a percentage of each sale. If you have consistent traffic you can make money for doing absolutely nothing!

If you love sharing your knowledge and passion for a particular area then a blog is the perfect place to build an audience of like minded people. You can share ideas and resources and if you have a large enough following, make money from advertising or offering your expertise. I host all my different blogs and websites using Bluehost because they are easy to use and cheap! Sign up using my unique link to get a free domain and 24/7 support for just $3.95 a month.

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So there you have it, if you want to enjoy the freedom of wandering this beautiful planet without a regular 9 to 5 job give some of these suggestions a try and let me know how you go in the comments!


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