Three Days In Prague

Prague is magically medieval. 

Upon arriving you’ll know you have crossed over to more eastern Europe origins. The Czech language will sound very foreign, the Czech Koruna is used instead of the Euro (1 Euro = 25CZK) and things just look a little different compared to the west. 

This is all a recipe for excitement, intrigue and exploration!

Proceed with an open mind, a hungry stomach and a thirst for beer so good it gives the Germans a run for their money!

Working as a teacher at an International School in Amsterdam really is amazing. I am very fortunate that a former student of mine was eager to tell me all about her home country and her parents very kindly gave me a list of their recommendations, so enjoy this guide to Prague cause it is as local as you can get!

Three days is a great amount of time to really enjoy all that Prague has to offer. 


Get a 90min bus ticket at the airport for about 1.5 Euro, just follow the crowds as you leave the terminal. We stayed in the Praha 1 area just off Wenceslas Square, so our ticket covered the bus and the metro to the Museum stop which put us right in the centre of everything.


The currency in The Czech Republic is the Koruna and 25CZK is equivalent to approximate 1 Euro. Some places do accept Euro for a small premium but we preferred to exchange about 100 Euros into CZK at a time, look up the exchange rate so you know roughly what you should be getting as there are places that will try and rip you off. Once you find a reputable place, you’re in for a treat as food and drink here is very cheap!

Where To Eat

A 10% tip is expected in the Czech Republic unlike most of Europe, so remember to add that on at the end. The best thing is you won’t even notice as Prague is a cheap destination compared to western Europe so be generous and enjoy your time here.

U Modré Kachničky Nebovidská 460/6, 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia Located in small town and serving probably the best duck you can have.

U Zlateho Tygra. Beer pub serving plenty of Pilsner Urguel, the best Czech beer. It is also the place where a famous writer came for a beer. Let me know his name, then I know you have been there 🙂 It is close to Old Town Square with the clock tower.

Municipal House.  nám. Republiky 5, 111 21 Staré Město, Czechia.  Serving Czech food, I recommend the Svickova (Meat in white cream). Located close to Venceslav square where the revolution in 1989 was, and you can also buy stuff around the Shopping area. 

Lokál Prague A few locations serving traditional good food in an approachable, English speaking setting.

Cafe Louvre  More touristy but a nice place to relax and enjoy the city with a cake and cup of tea.

P.S. Don’t leave Prague without trying a trdelník. They are delicious sugary, cinnamon dusted, roasted spit cakes, that although technically not Czech, are a must try. Find a local seller that makes them fresh on the coals and serves them as is, rather than from a touristy ice cream parlour that lathers them in cheap chocolate. 

Three Day Itinerary

With all my itineraries you absolutely need to read up on these places before arriving to truly appreciate them, particularly the astronomical clock. These places tend to be busy and it is easy to get distracted and lose focus on the importance of what you are seeing.

Day 1

Walk around old town, see the astronomical clock and main square full of beautiful Christmas trees. From here you will see the start of the Charles Bridge. Walk a loop of old town then get a quick breakfast and do some shopping.

Day 2 

Take the tram to ‘Ujezd’ station which is in the small town area (across the river) and explore Prague castle. There is a beautiful hilly park area with great views of the city. We went to get the funicular up to the ‘Petrin’ lookout but the queue was far too long. Walk down and around to St Michael church and square “Malostranske namesti” where there are lots of traditional buildings then back up to the castle complex. It is amazing but unfortunately becoming a tad too touristy and a bit tacky, there was another ridiculous line to enter the castle grounds but you can see everything you want from the outside anyway. Travel back down via the Lennon wall, it’s nice but a bit too graffitied over now. Then walked over Charles Bridge enjoying the beautiful sun shine. The city museum Národní muzeum was free when we visited due to renovations but they only accept a certain number of visitors so if you want to go be prepared to line up.

Day 3

Treat yourself and explore the Prague zoo, public transport via bus and metro will get you there in about half an hour from the city centre. It was the most beautiful zoo we had ever seen, everything is natural and the location on a huge hill makes it a fun place to navigate. Alternatively go to a lesser known museum like the museum of Jan Werich or Museum of Franz Kafka in small town. You could always find a black light theatre show for the evening but we had been warned that they are expensive tourist traps – just Google some reviews and you’ll see why we decided to give them a miss. Instead go find a local jazz club or settle in to a traditional pub for hearty food and beer to wile away the winter nights.

If you have an extra half a day, you can go by train to Karlstejn castle but check if it is open. There is lovely country side to admire and you can get there from Smichov train station. Close by here is an area called Andel where there is a nice shopping mall called Obchodni Centrum Novy Smichov. Close by is Mozart villa where there are also good restaurants. 

I hope this guide to Prague has been helpful to your travel planning, leave a comment or suggestion as I’d love to tell my former student and her parents that other travellers enjoyed their insider knowledge. Now, complete your adventures into the Golden Triangle with a trip to Vienna or Budapest!

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